Photobooth - Documentation in Progress

Earlier this year Leah's sister got married and I made a photobooth for their reception. Key features are:

  • Prints 2x 2"x6" photo strips!
  • Runs off a pro-quality dye sublimation printer.
  • Breaks down to fit in the back of a car.
  • Saves a digital copy - could be modified to post to social media.
  • Raspberry Pi based.

Cat Feeder 1.0-2.5 and Beyond!

The never-ending quest to make the perfect cat feeder, now on round 2+. Happy cat, happy people!





Not-so-Tiny Telephone

Rotary telephones are great fun - this project was for a local recording studio, and plays songs when you enter a number.





Lamp Brace

A quick hack that came out nicer than expected, this was intended to be a temporary repair to Leah's desk lamp. Leftover blue acrylic from a sign shop, some plugs cut with a hole saw, screws and few zip-ties later, it's held for over a year! We worked out what angle she usually kept it at, and the joint is now fixed in one position - perhaps there will be a round two with a sliding joint in the brace to allow for multiple angles...


The bike formerly known as 019

One of the few work projects I can talk about, I made one of the San Mateo bike share bikes into a unicorn for a promotion we ran. As the bikes are A. outside, and B. used by the public, the solution had to be weatherproof, durable, and at least mostly safe. A custom frangible base allowed the (rigid plastic) horn to break off in the event of impact, but also resulted in rapid horn theft. While the bike is still rocking a sweet set of eyes and ears, the cost of a permanently attached, soft weatherproof horn was deemed too much for a temporary project.